Clients & Testimonials

University of Johannesburg

Professor Mornay Roberts-Lombard

“Over the past years as guest speaker and case study developer, Liezel has always engaged our students with practical applications of real-life customer experience scenarios and fantastic hands-on guidance. Her phenomenal subject matter expertise and creative skills makes the Consumer Psychology Lab a highly knowledgeable service provider in the consumer sciences industry.”

Lexus South Africa

Vidhya Parbhoo, Sales Manager

“My two 2 years working with The Consumer Psychology Lab has been an honour and a privilege. Director and owner Liezel Jonkheid is actively involved in the business and I am inspired by her insights in our brand and customer experience management.

With great teamwork, attention to detail, willingness to go the extra mile and aspirations to live up to the highest standards, they consistently surpass the competition. And, as the Lexus brand stands for amazing customer experience and always exceeding expectations, they are a perfect fit for us.

I highly recommend Liezel and her team for their professionalism, hard work, dedication and insights: they truly understand customers’ needs.”

Daily Buzz

Andrew Brown, Managing Director

“Liezel put together an impressive multi-disciplinary team of researchers who were professional and genuinely interested in my business. The research and feedback was very insightful. We have incorporated the feedback into the way we see and serve our customers, as well as in the environment we aspire to create for them.”

Lexus South Africa

Patrick Carroll, Lexus South Africa

“Consumer Psychology Lab has partnered with us since 2009 and played a pivotal role in establishing Lexus as a customer centric brand. Liezel’s focus and ability to understand complex customer interactions and behaviours and to drill down to the underlying root causes is a key strength and separates her and her team from other research companies.”

Mediwell Digital Health (Pty) Ltd

Salomé Banks, Director

“Liezel played a huge role in focusing and fine-tuning our offering through strategic input and practical advice, born from extensive industry knowledge. Through her consulting we were able to create synergy in our team and focus on the same business objectives – we know our business now has a solid foundation.”

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