CEM Africa Summit 2018 set to unpack CX opportunities for South Africa

customer experience

While the customer experience (CX) industry is certainly taking hold in South Africa, the CEM Africa Summit – running from 1 to 2 August at the Cape Town International Convention Centre – will delve deeper into the challenges within the industry, while highlighting the massive potential for return on investment. CEM Africa Summit 2018 This […]

The Six Benefits of Customer Experience Strategy

We live in a world of endless consumer options and brand loyalty can no longer taken for granted. Today, customer experience is arguably the secret driver to success. Business is acknowledging the vital role of the customer experience as a differentiator in business and spend significant resources in developing their Customer Experience (CX) strategies. Although […]

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Experience Maps

The first step in Customer Journey Mapping is to understand what customer journey mapping is. What is the value of customer journey mapping? Journey mapping is a tool used to visually represent the step-by-step interaction of a customer with a brand or company.  Fundamentally, a journey map encourages a company put on a customer’s spectacles […]

What is Customer Experience?

What is Customer Experience

While it’s a seemingly simplistic concept, ‘customer experience’ has a major impact on the overall success of a business and factors highly when it comes to building and sustaining a brand . It is regarded as the single most important differentiator of business today. In a world of choice, easy access, instant gratification and augmented […]

An Experience To Remember: But What Do They Remember?

Qualitative, unstructured feedback reveals the full impact of the customer’s experience and how it will influence her future decision-making, loyalty and advocacy. Yet companies often view a contentious incident very differently, which leads us to that infamous question: is the customer always right? Is The Customer Always Right? Ian Golding recently delved insightfully into this dilemma in […]