“Plastic” Question or greeting?

“Plastic?” Is this a question, a statement, a greeting, a reprimand for using plastic at all? As many South Africans, I have become too familiar with this remark at grocery store pay points.  The disinterested expression accompanying it, can also make it seem a bit rude, if not only indifferent. Trevor Noah’s interpretations of “This […]

CX magic in an unexpected place: How Standard Bank stole my heart

Customer journey design matters Recently I wrote about a nightmarish experience with Nedbank — a far cry from the magical “customer journey” industry specialists like myself champion. Quick summary: my business account was simply frozen with a day’s notice before the Easter weekend, due to (plainly not well thought-out) FICA enforcement measures. After the initial shock and […]

Enforcing compliance: How nót to do it

Well, I can certainly say that I learned a big lesson this weekend! But don’t think I’m the only one. As the saying goes, consumers often talk with their feet, and Nedbank might soon see an exodus from their 100,000 account holders, after the recent tactics used to punish non-compliant clients. My story started when […]

Why you need to make it easier to buy from you

Love me!…. that’s what customers want to feel. And how often do business fail to achieve this – not with the big stuff, but in the small changes we implement in our business, without considering the impact on our customers. Recently I experienced one of those moments that made me wonder about whether the medical profession […]

Emotions takes the center stage in consumer behaviour

3 Lessons to your customers’ hearts According to Forrester, of the three factors driving customer loyalty – non-CX factors, Rational CX, and Emotional CX – Emotional CX is the primary influencer, stronger than the other two combined. The role of emotion in buying behaviour has slowly elevated itself back on the center stage, to one […]

Are you open to your customer’s feedback?

According to a study of 362 companies’ customers by Bain & Company, there is a huge gap between what organisations believe customers perceive to be superior experiences (80%), and what customers believe to be superior experiences when dealing with organisations (8%) (Harvard Business Review) Most research point to the connection between customer experience and loyalty in […]